Got this cool candle for my birthday 🙂 You let it burn for a while and then it reveals a fancy shmancy ring that could be worth 10 to 5,000 dollars #letsdothis #burnbabyburn

x emily


Relay for a Cure!

Relay for a Cure!

Today was Relay for Life in my community and it is one of the days I look forward to all year! This year, it was beautiful out and I walked five miles of laps around the track.
Peace. Love. Hope. Relay 2014.
x emily.



I recently found this on the internet and it made me think because while I am experiencing this right now, I don’t know how I feel about it. It sucks to lose friends and I agree that it is a natural part of going forward with your life but it always doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t rid yourself of the people in your past who love you just because you think its time to “growing up”. I think that growing up means that you are becoming who you want to be, figuring out what is important and real. Someone with dreams and goals, someone who makes mistakes and learns from them. Shedding friends is not the only part of growing up. Realizing that you must cherish the ones who really matter, new or old; this is the true mark of “growing up”.

x emily

Keep Calm… Only 2 more days :)

Keep Calm... Only 2 more days :)

Its not the last day of my semester BUT it is the last day of my pre-student teaching in my 5th grade placement! And although it is bittersweet to be saying goodbye, it was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable placements I’ve experienced thus far! I am so glad for the teachers and students I got to know and grow with 🙂
x emily.

It’s Friday!!

It's Friday!!

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! ((Sorry)) i’ll stop. haha I’m just so excited because after this weekend, I only have one hell of a half week left until Break!!!! (for EASTER of course) 🙂 I’m just so excited to go home and see my family and prepare for the final weeks of school. 28 days left of JUNIOR YEAR BABY! haha oh boy, *cue anxiety*
But mostly I’m just excited because as soon as this craziness is over, I will be able to enjoy the rest of my MAY, my favoritest month, in peace and then back to SUMMAH CAMP! I love and miss them ❤
x emily


It’s that time of year again!!! I don’t know much about basketball but I love the sweet feeling of victory when I have the right picks! So I did a little research and stuck to my gut. I won’t reveal who I chose as National Champion for the sake of suspense but here’s a sneak peek of my bracket:

FINAL FOUR: Florida, Villanova, Louisville, Creighton

*If you think I’m totally crazy you’re probably right, but let me just inform you that last year I won the bracket within my family by one point; see if that changes your mind 😉
Anyway, may the odds be ever in my favor!
x emily.