fashion statement

I feel like I have a decent fashion sense or at least have an idea of what I think is cute, but I can never find “fashionable” things in the stores near me because I don’t live in a big city with all the designer brands and latest trends. Not that I care that much but I really just don’t have the skill or the funds to put together amazing outfits with a hodge-podge of pieces from places, some better than others. Plus I’m what some may call cheap, (I prefer thrifty), which can be a detriment to how much I’m willing to spend for a decent dress or pair of pants. Like I’m sorry but I am not paying a more than good twenty for a slinky blouse unless its got like gold buttons. I just don’t see why pieces of fabric sewn together have to be so darn expensive 😦 Sometimes I wish I was more edgy or more feminine which I guess stems from my underlying desire in life to be more.  #endrant #selftherapy

x emily.