“to thine self …

“to thine self be true”

This week I have to remember that I am doing the best that I can. And I do not have to compete or compare to anyone else to measure my worth. I have to accept myself for who I am. I am enough. I am more than enough.

x emily.


Weekend Obsession

I don’t care what anybody says, I saw Divergent yesterday and I thought it was freaking amazing. I DID read the series so I do know what I’m talking about and this movie is 90% on point (Which is impressive considering the frustrating creative liberties taken by those in charge of the Percy Jackson movies…) Almost every character* was oddly exactly how I pictured them and the set designs and song choices were just perfect. I loved pretty much every minute of it and even though there were a few parts that were changed or didn’t translate as well to the screen which is to be expected for most books becoming movies, all in all I was pleased with the adaption. I will definitely be buying a copy of my own to watch again after the movie for the final book destroys us all.

*AND almost every single boy in this movie ranged from “Aww he’s cute” to “How can you be this hot” so I consider that a plus. Here’s a sneak peek for your viewing enjoyment:

FOUR >> Theo James

PETER >> Miles Teller

WILL >> Ben Lloyd- Hughes

AL >> Christian Madsen

CALEB >> Ansel Angort


It’s that time of year again!!! I don’t know much about basketball but I love the sweet feeling of victory when I have the right picks! So I did a little research and stuck to my gut. I won’t reveal who I chose as National Champion for the sake of suspense but here’s a sneak peek of my bracket:

FINAL FOUR: Florida, Villanova, Louisville, Creighton

*If you think I’m totally crazy you’re probably right, but let me just inform you that last year I won the bracket within my family by one point; see if that changes your mind 😉
Anyway, may the odds be ever in my favor!
x emily.

March weather madness

In my best weather lady impression: It looks like we may remain in the 50’s this next week which is a great sign for SPRING FINALLY MAKING ITS WAY DOWNTOWN except for freaking Monday who didn’t get the memo with some snow showers expected. Like what? c’mon.

It is a beautiful Saturday and I wish could go full hipster and just sit around campus with an iced coffee but I can’t even really enjoy it because I’m stuck inside writing lesson plans. :/

Also, how did St. Patrick’s day (which is not until Monday, may I remind you) become a sad excuse to get white girl wasted all weekend… #werkit #kissmeImIrish #UpAllNight2GetLucky

But seriously, why are ya wearing various shades of green sequined sparkly tops and cut off shorts, it’s not THAT warm. put on a jacket for St. Patty’s sake.

x emily

Spring Break?

Finally home for “spring” break with snow still everywhere and more on the way it doesn’t feel much like spring and with all the assignments to work on, it doesn’t feel like much of a break. 😦 Like, what is the point of giving us time to go home and call it a BREAK if you are just going to bombard us with more homework! rant aside, I am glad to be home, but it’s just me most of the week so I guess I’m gonna have to keep myself busy. So maybe I’ll actually get some stuff done, or just sit around all day like a bum! I mean I think we all know which one sounds like the better option… 😉 

x emily.