fashion statement

In honor of NYFW 2014, I have been checking out the slideshows of what’s hot off the runway. Apparently, the latest trends are Bold Furs, Heavy Texture, and Edgy Sportswear. But what I’m seeing on the runway are a bunch of hot messes like this lady on the left sporting Rodarte. But hey, to each their own. Don’t get me wrong, these over the top designers didn’t do all bad in my book. see the following for some stuff das cute. (Nanette Lepore, Jill Stuart, and Rebecca Taylor respectively) I could see myself wearing something like this one day. maybe.

fashion statement

Now OK, I feel like I have a decent fashion sense or at least have an idea of what I think is cute. The problem is that after my online binge of the “Best Shows” slideshows I don’t feel all that fashion savvy and I’m not even that big of a fashionista. I can never find “fashionable” things in the stores near me because I don’t live in a big city with all the designer brands and latest trends. Not that I care that much about labels but I really just don’t have the skill or the funds to put together amazing outfits with a hodgepodge of pieces from places, some better than others. Plus I’m what some may call cheap, (I prefer thrifty), which can be a detriment to how much I’m willing to spend for a decent dress or pair of pants. Like I’m sorry but I am not paying more than a good twenty for a slinky blouse unless its got like gold buttons. I just don’t see why pieces of fabric sewn together have to be so darn expensive 😦 Sometimes I wish I was more edgy or more feminine which I guess stems from my underlying desire in life to be a little bit more than my ordinary self.

x emily.

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