Twas the night before Graduation

I knew that it was inevitable that I would eventually have to face the fact that tomorrow I will be waking up for the last time in Etown. And I’m going to try to resist posting something too sappy but I didn’t want to let this quiet moment of reflection pass without recognition. The last four years have been quite a journey. Literally, with field experiences from Harrisburg to Lancaster, and spiritually as I have had to talk myself down from the figurative ledge a number of times in order to come out stronger… or at least alive. But besides the challenges and struggles, I want to remember only the best of times and the best of friends. One day, I will look back on these years, maybe (hopefully) not as the “best years of my life” but as ones that have taught me what matters most and have made me who I am.

These times will try hard to define me
But I will hold my head up high

Safety Suit, “These Times”


It’s Friday!!

It's Friday!!

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! ((Sorry)) i’ll stop. haha I’m just so excited because after this weekend, I only have one hell of a half week left until Break!!!! (for EASTER of course) 🙂 I’m just so excited to go home and see my family and prepare for the final weeks of school. 28 days left of JUNIOR YEAR BABY! haha oh boy, *cue anxiety*
But mostly I’m just excited because as soon as this craziness is over, I will be able to enjoy the rest of my MAY, my favoritest month, in peace and then back to SUMMAH CAMP! I love and miss them ❤
x emily

Just another first day of school

I’m getting reaallll tired of this back-to-school stuff.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the new semester:


  • getting new school supplies!
  • Spring = better weather is on it’s waaaay!
  • reuniting w/ friends I haven’t seen in a month!


  • ASSIGNED READINGS (yeah, right)
  • break is over. 😦

I can’t really complain yet because it’s only just the beginning of syllabus week but my schedule is going to be totally wack and i have so many assignments and its Methods Block which means I get to hear how hard this semester is going to be from every professor (yaaaaaaay.)

On the bright side, I will be in placement (in the classroom) for a full day each week so fingers crossed that my cooperating teacher is a good fit. 🙂

I just want to get through this semester alive. #116days

x emily.