fashion statement

In honor of NYFW 2014, I have been checking out the slideshows of what’s hot off the runway. Apparently, the latest trends are Bold Furs, Heavy Texture, and Edgy Sportswear. But what I’m seeing on the runway are a bunch of hot messes like this lady on the left sporting Rodarte. But hey, to each their own. Don’t get me wrong, these over the top designers didn’t do all bad in my book. see the following for some stuff das cute. (Nanette Lepore, Jill Stuart, and Rebecca Taylor respectively) I could see myself wearing something like this one day. maybe.

fashion statement

Now OK, I feel like I have a decent fashion sense or at least have an idea of what I think is cute. The problem is that after my online binge of the “Best Shows” slideshows I don’t feel all that fashion savvy and I’m not even that big of a fashionista. I can never find “fashionable” things in the stores near me because I don’t live in a big city with all the designer brands and latest trends. Not that I care that much about labels but I really just don’t have the skill or the funds to put together amazing outfits with a hodgepodge of pieces from places, some better than others. Plus I’m what some may call cheap, (I prefer thrifty), which can be a detriment to how much I’m willing to spend for a decent dress or pair of pants. Like I’m sorry but I am not paying more than a good twenty for a slinky blouse unless its got like gold buttons. I just don’t see why pieces of fabric sewn together have to be so darn expensive 😦 Sometimes I wish I was more edgy or more feminine which I guess stems from my underlying desire in life to be a little bit more than my ordinary self.

x emily.

Backward Compatible

Author: Sarah Daltry & Pete Clark

Pub Date: January 7, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult

Themes: video games, dating, friendship

Fave Character: George

What I Think: Backward Compatible was sweet, sarcastic, and loaded with geeky references and just a touch of vulgarity to make it the perfect combination for a geek love story nerds of the world can appreciate. The blossoming romance begins at a midnight release gone wrong for George and his friend when there is an argument with gamer girl Katie of who gets the precious video game. The story progresses from the two perspectives of George and Katie as they overcome the virtual and real obstacles that ensue while trying to make their relationship work. On a random note: the characters were college age, and therefore more relatable to myself (I find that young adult novels with characters not in middle school or high school are hard to find). Disclaimer: you don’t have to be obsessed with all kinds of gaming to enjoy this book, I would define myself to be a few kinds of nerd but am in no way a “gamer girl” unless you count the Sims. 😉 But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed watching these characters grow, interact, fall in love and by the last page, I was not ready for the story to end; I just wanted to be in their world a little longer. 


+ George’s father and Chad’s character development

Seynar the unbearable and his blog posts 😦 and Lanyon’s permanent 3rd wheel status

Long Story Short: 7/10! Nerdy cute w/ a dash of snark kept me rooting for George and Katie! ❤

x emily.

Tween Hobo

Author: Alena Smith

Pub Date: June 17 2014 (MY BIRTHDAY!)

Genre: Contemporary Children’s Fiction

Themes: school, family, pop culture, runaway, self reliance

Fave Character: Tween hobo’s dad (he seems to be the only one that insists she needs to come home.)

What I Think: Tween Hobo: Off the Rails is hands down hilarious and clever. Smith’s weaves technology like twitter and Hollywood pop culture really well into classic story telling and the situations tween hobo gets herself into never cease to amaze me. Tween hobo is naive but endearing and I couldn’t help but root for her in her law breaking, train hopping adventures. That being said, I couldn’t help but notice this little girl has an oddly wider vocabulary than someone of her age would acquire at the fifth grade level.  Some of the cultural references are also unfortunately already outdated or irrelevant as they would go above the head of the key tween demographic. Overall, the idea of a tween hobo was not entirely believable, but just enough to be entirely enjoyable.


+ Clever references to classics and celebrities alike!

Why would a teacher ever even suggest train hopping to a child/student?!?

Long Story Short: 7/10! Get it now for your bratty cousin before it becomes old news! 😉

x emily.

Bright Before Sunrise

Author: Tiffany Schmidt

Pub Date: Feb 18 2014

Genre: Realistic/Contemporary Fiction,  Young Adult

Themes: high school, relationships, family, acceptance, closure

Fave Character: Brighton

What I Think: Bright Before Sunrise was an enjoyable read that I just couldn’t put down. Schmidt’s writing was clear and the alternating perspectives of Brighton and Jonah were creative and insightful. I loved the whirlwind adventures of Brighton and Jonah in one night gone wrong and the discoveries made about themselves and each other along the way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good quirky story of two opposites with some valuable lessons in first impressions.


+ Brighton’s growth from a “teflon” classmate, friend, daughter,  sister, and person to something more over the course of the night.

— Jonah’s snark borderlines rudeness when jumping to conclusions about Brighton and her life and it frustrates me so much I wanna smack him.

Long Story Short: 8/10! Go get it now! ♥ 

PS.  Happy Valentines Day! ♥ 
x emily.

My cyber bookshelf

I am excited to announce to whomever stumbles across my site that thanks to I am now officially a professional reader! Meaning I have access to current literature, most of the time even advance reading copies, and all I have to do is share with the world if I like it! Most of the books I choose to request are new young adult or children’s literature on account of reviewing them for classroom purposes but hopefully my blurbs will reach and encourage a much wider audience to check out these books. Some of the books on my reading list now include:

Tween Hobo: Off the Rails by Alena Smith (based off the clever tweets of @tweenhobo)

Bright Before Sunrise by Tiffany Schmidt

The Moon Sisters by Therese Walsh

So stay tuned for some awesome book alerts in the future! You can also check under the tag “cyber bookshelf” for future posts related to my reviews and other books I love.

x emily.

What is faith?

What is faith?

~Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1~

Lately, I have not been my best self because I have lost a lot of my spirit and joy in life. Blame it on the winter season dumps or due to the burdens of my semester but I know hidden in my mind and heart is the root: lost hope and doubt of turning myself around. But these last few days have proven that God is working double time trying to give me a sign of better things to come. I literally have have seen this bible verse all around me, it haunts me as I go about my day. It was in my devotion last night and it was on my tumblr three times in a row today. I just can’t ignore God staring straight at me in the form of a bible verse from Hebrews. After stopping to reflect on this verse numerous times, how can I deny that this is exactly what I needed to hear in the midst of my outcries to the Lord. To hold close to me and never let go. I cannot see Him but I am assured He has been here the whole time, preparing all that I hope for in his beautiful timing. Amen and Hallelujah to that.
x emily.

We break when we fall too hard/ Lose faith when we’re torn apart/ Don’t say you’re too far gone/ It’s a shame.

Never Gone: Colton Dixon

Do you ever have that nagging feel like there’s something you should be doing but instead you just continue to sit at your desk or whatever and stare into space, wondering where to go from here? There are a hundred and one things I could be working on for the sake of future me but I just don’t have the energy. I’m so tired of pulling myself out of the waves of depression and doubt. I don’t know if this is technically rock bottom but here’s hoping that February only gets better from here. 

To quote the rest of the song, I need to remember:

I’m still standing here/ No I didn’t disappear/ Now the lights are on/ See I was never gone/ I let go of your hand/ To help you understand/ With you all along/ Oh, I was never gone

I never ever left you/ Never ever left you, no./ He said I never ever left you/ Never ever left you, no./ Jesus never ever left you/ Never ever left you, no.    He sees us, even in the darkness/ Now you know you’re not alone.