New Year, New Books!

This post will serve as a few things,

A: an update on my book club now that the seasons have passed…

B: a list of the new books I am excited to dive in for the new year!

But FIRST, may I say I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and may 2o17 be a positive step forward for us all! ❤ 

Below are the pictures of my Autumn book club choices and a small review of each. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed most of them, high ratings all around!

Hopefully, you’ll find one that suits your fancy!

Image result for everything everything

  • Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon

An interesting perspective on life from a girl who is stuck permanently inside due to a life threatening illness… until of course, she’s not… do I even need to mention the brooding bad boy? 😉 Still with a unique voice and twist in the end, I give this an 8.5/10Image result

  • A Madness So Discrete – Mindy McGinnis

A fascinating look at institutional life in the 19th century- the setting of a dark plot that pushes the main character to look deep into herself for courage and strength. 9/10

  • My Lady Jane – Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows

Image result for my lady jane Such a creative and fun concept to mix fantasy and fairy tales with loosely based historical events to the point that it’s created something new!? IDK just give it a chance- it has so many references tucked away that will make you smile along the journey   9/10

  • Flawed– Cecelia AhemImage result for flawed

Another sci-fi dystopian that I expected to fall flat based on the synopsis but it hooked me pretty quickly. Seriously, I stayed up until 2 in the morning just to finish this book . It was surprisingly a little more graphic (violence) than I expected or preferred… but it kept me thinking about questions of what’s really right and wrong for DAYS but *spoiler alert* the ending was just cruel to readers when the sequel is still a few months away. 8.5/10

  • Night Circus– Erin MorgensternImage result for night circus

SO MAGICAL and gorgeously written. The plot is a little slow at times but it’s worth it to see the protags relationship bloom. There’s not much I can say to explain this premise, you just need to immerse yourself in this world and let your imagination take over. 8/10

  • Cinder (Book 1 of The Lunar Chronicles) – Marissa Meyer

Image resultI love when I can get hooked in a series and I ate this one up within a year but I’ll just settle with reviewing the first one. I got ahead of myself at times because I thought I was smart enough to see through the story lines but I can honestly say, the series kept me on my toes.



Image result for althea and oliverImage result for mosquitoland

  • Althea and Oliver – Cristina Moracho
  • Mosquitoland – David Arnold

I am going to review these two together because I actually never finished them… It’s not that it was bad writing- they both have that quirky vibe that I Really wanted to like but I just couldn’t get into them and it actually ended up feeling more like a chore to read them. So I decided not to be too hard on myself and take a break from them. IMO, both had similar issues. The characters were not likable and the plots were a little too unrealistic for my tastes. I give both a 6.5/10 but hey, I don’t want to turn off anyone who is interested in giving them a try. If you do, let me know if the endings are worth giving them another chance!

And now, my “one person book club” picks for the next few months are: 

Image resultImage resultImage result







Image result

Image result

Image result







This year, I’m looking to continue to push my genre boundaries and I always enjoy a good comedic autobio 🙂

  • Ready Player One – Ernest Cline
  • Finding Audrey – Sophie Kinsella
  • We Are Still Tornadoes – Michael Kun and Susan Mullen
  • Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick
  • Talking as Fast as I Can – Lauren Graham
  • One More Thing – B.J. Novak

I look forward to reading and reviewing these books, hopefully to spread the word and get people reading more!! Comment if you have read any of these yet and what you would rate them! Much love in 2017! #newyear

x emily.

Autumn Book Club

It may look like I haven’t posted in a couple months but that’s only because every time I go to post this idea I always get stuck on how or where to start. I have always wanted to start a book club but never knew how one goes about it. So I thought ya know what, I’m just gonna do what I want… I don’t really have a substantial following anyway so it doesn’t really matter what I do. 🙂

I’ve decided that I will feature my picks for reading this season and then update with my thoughts and reactions after I complete them. Hopefully my fellow bloggers and readers who find their way to my page will also share their thoughts if they recognize the titles.

Without further ado!

Image result for everything everything Image result for althea and oliver    Image result for mosquitoland   Image result


Image result for my lady janeImage result for flawedImage result for night circus Image result






  • Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon
  • Althea and Oliver – Cristina Moracho
  • Mosquitoland – David Arnold
  • A Madness So Discrete – Mindy McGinnis
  • My Lady Jane – Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows
  • Flawed– Cecelia Ahem
  • Night Circus– Erin Morgenstern
  • Cinder (Book 1 of The Lunar Chronicles) – Marissa Meyer

This season I’ve tended to lean toward YA’s that are a little less traditional and don’t present the typical boy/girl formula (there are a few that cross more into other genres). Some of them are new releases and some are ones that I’ve had in my bookshelf for a while and been meaning to read SO if you’re looking for something a little different, give them a try and let me know if you’re loving them as much as I am!!

x emily.

Searching For Sky

Author: Jillian Cantor

Pub Date: May 13, 2014

Genre: YA Fiction

Themes: Survival, Friendship, Family

Fave Character: River

What I Think: I finished this book months ago and forgot to review it. #SRY. What was called a “reverse dystopia” was not exactly how I would have described it. It was strange and unique but I didn’t have a great feeling after finishing it. I feel like I needed more closure. I truly don’t know how to explain how I felt about this book. It was totally NOT what I expected. Like it was interesting enough to finish but honestly not one of my favorites. ALSO I still don’t understand why it’s called Searching for Sky when the entire time it’s in her perspective looking for River…

Long Story Short: 6/10

x emily.

Spring FAVES :)

I was worried with the increase of temperature last week that I might have missed my chance to do a spring favorites post- but the spring roller coaster of the east coast wasn’t done yet with temps back into the 50’s this week. This makes it really hard to pick out clothes and keep flowers alive! #greenthumb?

Pictured here is my most recent flowers *fingers crossed* and my new coaster provided by my March OwlCrate box ❤






Here is just a sampling of things I’ve loved this Spring!

Burt's Bees Brightening Even-Tone Moisturizing Cream, 1.8 oz
Burt’s Bees Face Brightening moisturizer (w/ daisy extract) oooOooh 🙂

Pixi Glow Tonic 3.4 Fl Oz


(I’ve heard a few good reviews of this so I thought I’d give it a go… I’m only a few days into a routine so we’ll see)


American Eagle Soft & Sexy Tees

I literally have 4 of these tees in different patterns that I wear as often as possible. I cannot even describe how soft and comfortable they are- and very flattering. Sometimes I even fancy it up with my bauble necklace to get away with wearing it at work. hehe




I know this seems odd for warmer weather but its nice to have fresh smells and a warm glow for the more cloudy days. Plus I needed seasonal scents appropriate for spring/summer: From left to right is Signature Soy Beach House, Bloom and Prosper Summer Breeze, and Target ($ section) frosted pineapple. 🙂

Also, I go through phases of coloring to clear my mind so I’ve collected quite a few coloring books. These are my current faves because I they aren’t SO detailed that it’s impossible to enjoy. Also the one on the right has devotionals on every other page so that’s a nice addition. ❤

On a similar note, I have been putting more effort into revitalizing my daily life by trying to get out and about more which resulted in using my handy dandy LIBRARY CARD!! ❤ I know that seems odd but I haven’t ever actually had my own card so it’s nice to be able to get books at my leisure! 🙂

My newest series of interest is THE LUNAR CHRONICLES   *ooOoohhh*

I was hesitant at first because I thought is sounded a bit cheesy as a “sci-fi fairy tale” but it’s actually pretty engaging. I just finished Cinder and I like it enough to continue so I think that’s a good sign!






My second book recommendation comes from deep within my history nerdiness:

If you like female empowerment from the civil war era than look no further! haha

Also this is random but I can’t deny that I spend most of my time watching TV… Here are a few of my most recent  Netflix faves that have crossed my channel!

Series: Cheers (Finally finished this 11 season sitcom my parents used to watch)

Drama\History: The Butler (ugh so emotional)

Sitcom: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (they’re alive dammit! Season 2 baby!)

Animation: Hotel Transylvania 2 ( I know it seems lame but it was goooood)

Documentary: I Know That Voice! (So much nostalgia and awesomeness from your favorite voice actors)

Well, that’s all folks! hehe

x emily.



Reading Challenge Wrap Up: 2015

I attempted a year long reading challenge and although I only accomplished about a little more than half of the “goals” I did finish off the year with 19 books completed! (The perfectionist in me is bummed that I didn’t make it up to 20 books but I did technically reach 20 of the “goals”) Below I will list the books I read and rate them out of 10, just for fun! Maybe one will catch your eye and you’ll find your next favorite book!

  • Girl Online: Zoe Sugg (8/10)
  • I Kill the Mockingbird: Paul Acampora (7/10)
  • We are the Goldens: Dana Reinhardt (7/10)
  • The Cat Ate My Gym Shorts: Paula Danzinger (7/10)
  • Every Last Word: Tamara Ireland Stone (10/10)
  • The Here and Now: Ann Brashares (9/10)
  • The Adoration of Jenna Fox: Mary E. Pearson (8/10)
  • Searching for Sky: Jillian Cantor (6/10)
  • Yes, Please: Amy Poehler (8/10)
  • The Beginning of Everything: Robyn Shneider (7/10)
  • Legend Trilogy: Marie Lu (9/10) Technically, I know this is 3 books but I only count it as one since it only fulfills one “goal” as a trilogy.
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard: JK Rowling (9/10)
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: Jesse Andrews (8/10)
  • Fangirl: Rainbow Rowell (9/10)
  • Fish in a Tree: Lynda Mullaly Hunt (8/10)
  • Freak the Mighty: Rodman Philbrick (7/10)
  • Dumplin’: Julie Murphy (8.5/10)
  • The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender: Leslye Walton (10/10)
  • Why Not Me: Mindy Kaling (10/10)
  • Soundless: Rachel Mead (I won’t rate this bc this book reached the “book I started but never finished” goal soooo…. 🙂

I don’t think I’ll do such a structured book challenge in 2016 but I do want to make a resolution to read more because I have so many unfinished books in my bookshelf and I would love to spend more time in the library.

I hope this post didn’t totally bore everyone and that it inspires you to check out some new books!

x emily.

My First Owlcrate

My first ever Owlcrate came today!! I was so glad when I came off the waiting list and was asked if I’d still like to subscribe so needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to this package ever since that email last month. Owlcrate a monthly subscription box full of little things for book nerds and it also features a new book related to the month’s theme. September’s theme was Leading Ladies and my box included the YA book Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy and some swag related to Divergent, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter. What else can you ask for? ‪#‎worthit‬

The Big Reveal! ❤

I can’t wait to find out next month’s theme!

x emily

Summer Lovin’!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and my summer days are drifting away so I thought it would be fun to feature some of my current faves! And away we go!

I’ve been looking for a quality shampoo for months now, that could kind of do everything for my tricky hair and I think I’ve finally found one that works (as of right now)! Tresemme Youth Boost truly leaves my hair soft, silky, and manageable!

On the skin side, I have two current faves: Moisturizer and make up! Literally, Aveeno Sheer Hydration feels so soft on my skin, I apply it everyday, and it doesn’t leave a greasy or wet feeling. 🙂 Now onto L’oreal True Match Lumi. This foundation is the only thing I’ve used all summer and it’s amazing. Goes on smoothly and evenly and results in a clean, dewy look, yet radiant!

I’m all about the summer TV series and right now I’m hooked on Astronaut’s Wives Club (ABC) I really have nothing more to say about it other than if you like some combination of history, space, and drama this is where you belong. Seriously, get on board before the finale this week! #teamgrissom

Girl Meets World (2014) Poster

Also, Guilty Pleasure Alert! I’ve finally caught up with Girl Meets World and as an obsessed avid fan of the original Boy Meets World, I have to say as we approach the end of season two, GMW has definitely grown on me. Don’t get me wrong it will never reach the epic feel goodness that I cannot even begin to explain of BMW but it has settled a little into it’s own and I’m excited to see where it takes us. I know the pilot was lackluster and most people have probably given up there but if we remember correctly season 1 of BMW wasn’t even that special but what helped it succeed was the believabilty of the little bitty natural child actors. Yes, GMW has a few kinks and stiffness to work out but just like any series that will come in time. Episodes are mostly worth it for the incredible performances of those from BMW past that we already know and love but GMW also features some of the most original and funny moments Disney channel has offered in the last 5 years… I know that’s not saying much with their rapid decline of quality control in the writing room but I’m willing to give them a chance. I just hope Disney does too. Anyway, I could literally write a dissertation on BMW / GMW if someone didnt stop me… sooo moving on.

In the literature circle, I hate to admit it but I was resistant at first to give the Legend series a chance. I think I was just soburnt out from dystopians that were all the same that I couldn’t imagine how this one would be any different. And while the premise is very similar, I can honestly say that this series was a rollercoaster of plot twists and such that kept me on my toes. It was a little more mature than others like it and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the world that Marie Lu created.

For the foodies out there, did you know you could get Reese’s peanut butter in a jar!?!?!?! I SURE DIDN’T! But now I’m enjoying my afternoon snack of pretzels and PB with some probably not as nutritious or natural but freaking amazing PB.

Check back in a few months for some more faves with the arrival of my favorite season: AUTUMN!! ❤

*Disclaimer: I want to note that I truly do endorse all the random things I mention here, and I am not getting paid/compensated in any form for my comments. I can only hope that my words are heard so that these faves can continue to exist!

Every Last Word

Author: Tamara Ireland Stone

Pub Date: June 16, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Themes: friends, school, mental illness, poetry

Fave Character: Caroline

What I Think: I literally started and finished this book within 24 hours. It was addicting and sappy and real in all the best ways. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it, I had pegged it as a cookie cutter YA but I have never been so happy to be wrong! The characters and their issues were genuine and well developed with tact, the climax was unexpected and the resolution was everything I had hoped it would be.


+ The Poet’s Corner

Her bitchy friends.

Long Story Short: 9/10

x emily.

The Here and Now

Author: Ann Brashares

Pub Date: April 8, 2014

Genre: Contemporary and Science Fiction crossover

Themes: love, time travel, community

Fave Character: Prenna

What I Think: This contemporary science fiction crossover was as fascinating as it was intriguing! I was captivated from the beginning and was constantly being pulled along in the adventure! I loved the combination of rebellion, love, and time travel that seemed to be a step above the latest dystopian novels. The characters were realistic in that they made mistakes and stood up for themselves while also considering the heavy role that love and fear plays in making decisions for the good of themselves versus the future of humankind.


+ The dystopian feel among our modern times

Even though it ended on a good note, there was still so much left unsaid and I need Closure!!

Long Story Short: 8.5/10

x emily.

I Kill the Mockingbird

Author: Paul Acampora

Pub Date: May 20, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Middle School level

Themes: family, friendship, books

Fave Character: Lucy

What I Think: I Kill the Mockingbird captured the magic of readers discovering classics, like To Kill a Mockingbird, and appreciating them for their timeless quality. The characters were likable and the plot moved along at a good pace. The end result will encourage young readers to give old books another chance.


+ Sweet and innocent with just the right amount of mischief.

— Some of the dialogue was a little unrealistic given the age of the children.

Long Story Short: 8/10!

x emily.