Fall Radar

Fall premieres have begun and of course I’m all wrapped up in deciding which new shows I will invest in. Of course, I’m still plugging my present faves like New Girl, Mindy Project, Agents of Shield, and soon Parks and Rec and Community again, but I cant get enough of these on point pilots. Thus begins a compilation of all the new shows that have caught my interest.

  • A to Z
  • Bad Judge
  • Selfie
  • Red Band Society
  • Mulaney

And we can’t forget the mid-season shows that haven’t aired yet like Agent Carter, Marry Me, and Benched!

Good Luck to all the shows out there and may the ratings be ever in your favor! x

BONUS: With new shows come reflection on the old shows, and more specifically their finales!


Of course, I haven’t seen every TV show ever so I can’t say this is a complete list but from my experience- these shows had the most memorable ends- for better or worse.


  • The Office
  • Friends
  • Boy Meets World


  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Happy Endings
  • I cant’ think of any more but i know there is

Ok so I haven’t seen that many finales but the point still stands.

x emily


Best Feelings

It is the start  of a whole new year and although I’d like to claim that it means a whole new me, I know that is not realistic and I’m all about keeping it real. But I have to admit it is one of the best feelings in the world knowing that the new year brings a symbolic fresh start and you can make this year anything you want it to be. With that in mind I started to compile a list of other things that give the best warm fuzzies. (I like lists). Of course there are plenty but I will supply you with the best ones that I could come up with at two in the morning.

1. cute puppies/babies

2. more than 10 likes on your profile pic/ selfie (this is a large # when considering my # of FB Friends, i promise)

3. the tightness in your face after you thoroughly cleanse it.

4. the warm shiver when you are sun-bathing

5. a clearance rack with cute clothes actually in your size (keep dreaming)

6. little kids that tell you you’re pretty

7. watching an animated movie meant for children that you inexplicably and shamelessly love. (ICE AGE 4, anybody…. anybody?)

8. everything New Girl

9. Jennifer Lawrence. period.

10. being able to write anything you want on a blog b/c you know nobody is actually reading it.

😉 emily out x