For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne

As we begin to count down the hours and minutes until the new year, what better time than now to reflect on times past. In honor of auld lang syne, (my favorite song to ring in the new year) I would like to post the few songs that have stood the test of time and gotten me through the challenges of this year. New and old; a variety of genres, music is what calms my soul and brings me strength.  I hope that it can speak to you as it does to me.


I know there are probably more but these are the ones I can remember as of right now. I will leave you with my favorite rendition of Auld Lang Syne and I hope you are blessed with the best 2016 you can ask for.

x Emily.

December MissionCute box

This is just a quick review because I have a few things to say about my monthly mission cute box. Besides the cute straws and stickers, I received a grey knit infinity scarf (which is nice) and a gold necklace with little flecks of foil in it. Sounds pretty right ? well, now picture it completely underwhelming and made by a 5 yr. old. Yeah.

The company who included this “swag” is an Etsy seller called Authored Adornments whose products are actually really pretty. Like for example,il_570xN.848249314_q43m

which I would have raved about…. But instead, this is what I got.


Which honestly, I have no idea how to describe. I don’t know whose idea it was but I will probably never be able to wear this and it wasn’t the best representation for the seller if they want to expose people to their art…

I don’t know, am I being too hard on them? I just feel frustrated that I waited all month just to receive this plain little necklace that looks like no effort was actually made in to trying to make it look pretty. The foils aren’t even in a pattern or anything. they just look awkward. I know it was just one product, but I wish there was a little more quality control involved.

I don’t know where to go from here so I guess I’ll just wish everyone a less disappointing friday then mine. haha #dramaqueen




Quirky show Superlatives

I wanted to do a post dedicated to some of my favorite TV shows, known for their unique or acquired taste humor/drama but I couldn’t decide the best way to present it. So without further ado, here is a yearbook style look at some current faves and ones gone too soon.

Most Likely to take me on an Emotional Roller coaster

The Mindy Project

I picked this photo because I miss some of the people who were in the first season and got no decent exit… 😦

I love everything about Mindy Kaling so this one was a no-brainer for me. Many a night, I have sat inches from the TV, freaking out or laughing hysterically or both in the same episode. Technically, this show is still airing but I included it because FOX was stupid enough to cancel it after 3 seasons out of nowhere. Thanks to Hulu, we can still enjoy Mindy’s and coworkers shenanigans and her relationship with Danny but only if we pay 7.99/month. #worthit

Favorite Guilty Pleasure/Most Frustrating Ending

Selfie- a modern adaption of My Fair Lady in some ways, a bit awkward acting sometimes but it grew on me, off-beat humor

Super Fun Night- an amazingly hilarious cast led by Rebel Wilson

I had a hard time picking the best “award” because these two shows tied based on their similarities. Both only lasted one season bc obviously both were not the most “quality” shows, but both at times had really clever writing and humor. I still miss these shows occasionally and wish there would have been a bit more closure on their romantic fronts.


Most Likely to be the next FRIENDS

Happy Endings

Literally if you’ve seen this show you know it’s basically from L to R: Joey, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Rachel (Except in this case, Rachel and Monica are the siblings)

You know how there are so many shows out there that have tried so hard to be the “next”Friends? Well in my opinion, this one has come the closest. It may not have achieved the same level of success but it still made me smile in the amount of time it graced the small screens. I love when everyone in a show has their own unique personality and has their own little histories and story-lines that all interweave.



Great cast, interesting plots, all together an A in my book

I chose this “award” because this show has lasted the longest out of all my faves, despite the fact that it is probably the oddest. It had it’s ups and downs through its seasons but I was glad to go along for the ride. #6seasonsandamovie…. Just waiting for that movie now… 😉

MVP: Pushing Daisies

Aside from my love of Lee Pace in this show, Pushing Daisies is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. At first, I would not have guessed I would enjoy it but I ended up hooked from the first episode. It’s got everything: humor, romance, drama, suspense, mystery, and even some singing. Seriously, if you have not seen this show, find it now and give it a chance. Everything is so artfully and cleverly crafted. I only wish it wrapped up a little neater but I believe the series ended unexpectedly.

Bonus: Most Likely to be cancelled mid-season


It’s not like I want it to be cancelled but I find that the shows I enjoy always end up being cancelled and I believe this is one of those shows that will not last much longer. I mean 3 episodes were aired in one night and then the “premiere” date got moved to January. #badnewsbears But I have hope because it is actually really funny and insightful in it’s own way, you just got to give it a chance.

Also, an interesting side note, as I was writing this post, I realized that almost every show was an ensemble comedy. hmmm…

❤ emily.

December Faves

I don’t know if it’s because I’m just now getting used to having a legit paycheck #adulting or if its the spirit of the holidays but I have been treatin’ myself much more than normal lately… #noregrets

So without further ado, here are some of the things I have found throughout my adventures in the last few weeks organized by store for my listing convenience:


I finally can enjoy the wonders of Primark now that one has opened relatively close to my area….  I literally planned a trip just for this store and had the hardest time explaining to my mom why I was so excited about a clothing store but as soon as we stepped into the store, my mom and I were hooked. A few hours later, I left with a giant paper bag filled with a adorable dress shirt, sweater, dress, PJ’s, earrings, socks, and a fluffy pillow. ❤


The products I got at Lush are a little bit more practical rather than frivolous but I thought since Lush is so trendy I would feature them anyway!

Coalface– a bar soap facial cleanser for combination skin, clears my skin of grim, without that tight feeling. 🙂 I haven’t used it enough to really see significant difference in my skin but it does the job when washing my face before bed!

King of Skin– Body butter for in/after showers to deeply condition dry spots. I needed a better way to moisturize bc my normal lotion was not cutting it with temperatures dropping so this was definitely worth it!

CoalfaceKing of Skin







Target has always been my weakness, not even considering the dollar section… but this time around I was left especially satisfied. I’m a sucker for candles, planners, and plants! This lil pot will hopefully sprout a baby spruce or something. As for the candles, one is festive and one is for any time but I bought it specifically because of the wooden wick causing it to make that gorgeous crackly noise like a real fire. #obsessed. And although I already have a planner for this year, I couldn’t resist this one. 😀


I’m all about the bath and body holiday scents…. Enough said.



Honestly, it wouldn’t be the Christmas season for me, without my advent calender and it only took me 5 days into December to find one.  Even though this one is more secular than I normally go, I loved how it popped out all 3-d like. And c’mon, who can say no to super cute snowmen for daaayyys.



And because, I don’t want my faves to be just all about what I’ve bought, I also want to spotlight some of the music that I have been obsessed with lately. (Literally the best stuff to belt out when driving alone… not that I do that) First, is the ultimate worship song by Amanda Cook w/ Bethel Music – You Make Me Brave 

And next is making waves off broadway, the one and only Hamilton. (The soundtrack of which has been on repeat on my Spotify all month.) Below is the final song- one of my favorites. Fair warning- you will become curious after this song and will end up listening to the entire soundtrack and become a Hamilton fanatic. #personalexperience

Well, I think that about does it. Cheers ’till my next retail therapy!

❤ Emy.