Fun with Foreshadowing

Lately, I’m really loving re-watching seasons of my fave TV shows, mostly because I’m running out of new series. haha Right now I’m restarting Parks and Recreation since I don’t remember most of the early episodes. Most of the time, I do not like to watch things I’ve already seen but I make an exception for Adam Scott ❤

Also, I know this is an unpopular opinion but I never understood why people hate Mark Brendanawicz so much or why his character is never mentioned again after he leaves. I feel like he was Ann’s only functional relationship and yeah, maybe there was a lack of passion but mostly I think she broke up with him because she had unhealthy ideas of what it meant to be in love due to her long term stint with Andy. And I don’t know if I’m convinced that Ann got the happy ending she deserved by having a baby with Chris….

ANYWAY, I’m sorry for that mini rant and now on to the real reason I’ve been inspired to write this post. As I’ve been finishing the second season (CUE BEN WYATT ❤ )I’ve noticed a few little moments of foreshadowing to future seasons. Whether or not intentional, it’s always fun to pick up on things that you wouldn’t have caught.

The ones I’ve found so far were in the 2nd season I think when Tom was talking about his aspirations and he mentioned wanting to have a place called “Tom’s Bistro” which does become a reality for him a few seasons later 🙂 Also, in the episode where Leslie goes out on a blind date with the MRI doctor (played by actual husband at the time Will Arnett) he mentions how much room she has “down there” for child bearing that she could probably handle triplets.

I know there are probably a bunch more easter eggs but these are the ones that stuck with me because I’m still finishing the 2nd season. But I always love when writers go that extra mile with continuity. ‘Cause you know how often TV shows just disregard character and plot development to do whatever the hell they want *cough HIMYM cough* and we still forgive them… most of the time.

:] emily


Parade of Nations

One of my favorite parts of the Olympic opening ceremony is when all the countries come out to represent themselves in the competition. Not only is it so interesting to watch the camaraderie it creates among all the athletes but also the individuality of every nation.

The fashion-loving side of me also loves to comment on the choice of the teams’ “costumes” so I’ll be updating my favorites as the coverage continues! Obviously the US outfits are v. classy but it seems the Polo labels were meant to be seen from space. soooo….

The trends I have noticed so far is a lot of yellow (not mad at that) and an overwhelming number of blazers/sports jackets. Not mad at that either but it does seem to stifle some of the creativity that can go into the design. ALSO, I don’t know how I feel about Portugal wearing JEANS?! c’mon.

My Top picks (imo and kinda in order):
  • Serbia
  • Burkina Faso
  • Bahamas
  • Aruba
  • Israel
  • Latvia
  • Sierra Leonne
  • Cayman Islands
  • Angola
  • Montenegro
  • Poland
  • San Marino- soo fit.
  • Peru
  • Paraguay
  • Kyrgyzstan

Spring FAVES :)

I was worried with the increase of temperature last week that I might have missed my chance to do a spring favorites post- but the spring roller coaster of the east coast wasn’t done yet with temps back into the 50’s this week. This makes it really hard to pick out clothes and keep flowers alive! #greenthumb?

Pictured here is my most recent flowers *fingers crossed* and my new coaster provided by my March OwlCrate box ❤






Here is just a sampling of things I’ve loved this Spring!

Burt's Bees Brightening Even-Tone Moisturizing Cream, 1.8 oz
Burt’s Bees Face Brightening moisturizer (w/ daisy extract) oooOooh 🙂

Pixi Glow Tonic 3.4 Fl Oz


(I’ve heard a few good reviews of this so I thought I’d give it a go… I’m only a few days into a routine so we’ll see)


American Eagle Soft & Sexy Tees

I literally have 4 of these tees in different patterns that I wear as often as possible. I cannot even describe how soft and comfortable they are- and very flattering. Sometimes I even fancy it up with my bauble necklace to get away with wearing it at work. hehe




I know this seems odd for warmer weather but its nice to have fresh smells and a warm glow for the more cloudy days. Plus I needed seasonal scents appropriate for spring/summer: From left to right is Signature Soy Beach House, Bloom and Prosper Summer Breeze, and Target ($ section) frosted pineapple. 🙂

Also, I go through phases of coloring to clear my mind so I’ve collected quite a few coloring books. These are my current faves because I they aren’t SO detailed that it’s impossible to enjoy. Also the one on the right has devotionals on every other page so that’s a nice addition. ❤

On a similar note, I have been putting more effort into revitalizing my daily life by trying to get out and about more which resulted in using my handy dandy LIBRARY CARD!! ❤ I know that seems odd but I haven’t ever actually had my own card so it’s nice to be able to get books at my leisure! 🙂

My newest series of interest is THE LUNAR CHRONICLES   *ooOoohhh*

I was hesitant at first because I thought is sounded a bit cheesy as a “sci-fi fairy tale” but it’s actually pretty engaging. I just finished Cinder and I like it enough to continue so I think that’s a good sign!






My second book recommendation comes from deep within my history nerdiness:

If you like female empowerment from the civil war era than look no further! haha

Also this is random but I can’t deny that I spend most of my time watching TV… Here are a few of my most recent  Netflix faves that have crossed my channel!

Series: Cheers (Finally finished this 11 season sitcom my parents used to watch)

Drama\History: The Butler (ugh so emotional)

Sitcom: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (they’re alive dammit! Season 2 baby!)

Animation: Hotel Transylvania 2 ( I know it seems lame but it was goooood)

Documentary: I Know That Voice! (So much nostalgia and awesomeness from your favorite voice actors)

Well, that’s all folks! hehe

x emily.



Grease Live!

Grease is my all time favorite musical and leading up to this event, I swore I was not going to give FOX the time of day. But I couldn’t resist turning it on tonight so FOX do not ruin this for me.

I had so many thoughts in my head as soon as it started that I decided to “live tweet” it. Here’s what I got so far:

  • I think Jessie J did a good job on the Grease song but I don’t have a great feeling in my stomach about the breaking the 4th wall thing, exposing the set like that.
  • Also, I know it’s not really important but from a historical aspect, schools were not integrated in 1959. I respect the diversity and have no problem with it, but as a history buff, I did notice.
  • I’m still not sure about Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko
  • Ana Gasteyer is the PERFECT person for that part.
  • BUT…
  • I hate Vannessa Hudgens as rizzo. It’s just insulting. She has no swagger. Just because the wig makes you look the part does not mean you are Rizzo.
  • AND Carly Rae Jepson as Frenchy is just a joke.
  • SALT LAKE CITY? What? why would changing where she comes from be useful?
  • Summer Nights I give 8/10 They just can’t hit the notes like John and Olivia.
  • WTH is with Mario Lopez? When did Broadway shows start having hosts?
  • There is some clever lines thrown in there. I give the writers props for that.
  • Okay. Sandy is not supposed to be good at cheer leading. And I don’t like the studio audience. Hearing them and seeing them interrupts getting into the show.
  • I really tried. But I can’t. Call me a theater or Grease snob but it’s too different. I made it about a half an hour in but I’d rather watch the Law & Order: SVU marathon.

*Update: Ok, after a day to consider how I feel and finding out about Vannessa Hudgen’s father,  I feel bad for bashing her last night. So I will say this, I cannot imagine having to perform hours after such a loss. Watch the video of here performance here.

I did not keep the show on long enough to hear this song but she did an exceptional job. She may not have “won me over” but it was very emotional (which the song already is for me) and the closest she reached to the original Rizzo.

But if you watch the original, Stockard Channing’s voice may not be perfect but she nails the inflection and body language, and the added panning to Kenickie at times only makes it more meaningful. I’m sorry this is such an “analysis” but I think Grease is so important to me because I see so much of the innocent “Sandra Dee” in me even though I wish I could have a little more of Rizzo’s confidence. So that song in particular resonates with me because I see the vulnerability of Rizzo. This was also the first “broadway movie” I had on VHS (It even came with a mini original script) 🙂 so I’m a bit protective of it.

x emily.

Quirky show Superlatives

I wanted to do a post dedicated to some of my favorite TV shows, known for their unique or acquired taste humor/drama but I couldn’t decide the best way to present it. So without further ado, here is a yearbook style look at some current faves and ones gone too soon.

Most Likely to take me on an Emotional Roller coaster

The Mindy Project

I picked this photo because I miss some of the people who were in the first season and got no decent exit… 😦

I love everything about Mindy Kaling so this one was a no-brainer for me. Many a night, I have sat inches from the TV, freaking out or laughing hysterically or both in the same episode. Technically, this show is still airing but I included it because FOX was stupid enough to cancel it after 3 seasons out of nowhere. Thanks to Hulu, we can still enjoy Mindy’s and coworkers shenanigans and her relationship with Danny but only if we pay 7.99/month. #worthit

Favorite Guilty Pleasure/Most Frustrating Ending

Selfie- a modern adaption of My Fair Lady in some ways, a bit awkward acting sometimes but it grew on me, off-beat humor

Super Fun Night- an amazingly hilarious cast led by Rebel Wilson

I had a hard time picking the best “award” because these two shows tied based on their similarities. Both only lasted one season bc obviously both were not the most “quality” shows, but both at times had really clever writing and humor. I still miss these shows occasionally and wish there would have been a bit more closure on their romantic fronts.


Most Likely to be the next FRIENDS

Happy Endings

Literally if you’ve seen this show you know it’s basically from L to R: Joey, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Rachel (Except in this case, Rachel and Monica are the siblings)

You know how there are so many shows out there that have tried so hard to be the “next”Friends? Well in my opinion, this one has come the closest. It may not have achieved the same level of success but it still made me smile in the amount of time it graced the small screens. I love when everyone in a show has their own unique personality and has their own little histories and story-lines that all interweave.



Great cast, interesting plots, all together an A in my book

I chose this “award” because this show has lasted the longest out of all my faves, despite the fact that it is probably the oddest. It had it’s ups and downs through its seasons but I was glad to go along for the ride. #6seasonsandamovie…. Just waiting for that movie now… 😉

MVP: Pushing Daisies

Aside from my love of Lee Pace in this show, Pushing Daisies is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. At first, I would not have guessed I would enjoy it but I ended up hooked from the first episode. It’s got everything: humor, romance, drama, suspense, mystery, and even some singing. Seriously, if you have not seen this show, find it now and give it a chance. Everything is so artfully and cleverly crafted. I only wish it wrapped up a little neater but I believe the series ended unexpectedly.

Bonus: Most Likely to be cancelled mid-season


It’s not like I want it to be cancelled but I find that the shows I enjoy always end up being cancelled and I believe this is one of those shows that will not last much longer. I mean 3 episodes were aired in one night and then the “premiere” date got moved to January. #badnewsbears But I have hope because it is actually really funny and insightful in it’s own way, you just got to give it a chance.

Also, an interesting side note, as I was writing this post, I realized that almost every show was an ensemble comedy. hmmm…

❤ emily.

Low-key Horror

I am the kind of person who really can’t handle anything scary. I have never really seen a scary movie or been to any haunted experience (house,maze,hayride) You name it, I probably have not partaken. But I do enjoy the thrill of being a little scared and until recently, I lived those experiences through the idiots on Ghost Adventures. It was just creepy enough to get hyped up but not legit enough to be too scared to sleep. I am really affected by thrillers and gore (not in a good way) so I don’t typically go for much of that genre. Now that I have moved out and lost Travel Channel in the switch of channel packages (RIP) I have no way to enjoy my Ghost Adventures. So I’m exploring more options. I’ve tried to get through an entire episode of American Horror Story but even though it has interesting arcs and characters, its just too much gore and dark material.

I was hesitant to give Scream Queens (FOX) a try because of my distaste for Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande and their lack of acting abilities but I gave in when I had a craving for this low-key horror I mentioned above. But I’ll be honest, I binged the first 6 episodes this weekend and I am hooked. It is pretty good dialogue and does balance on the edge of satire and sometimes stupidity but it’s trying its best. lol 🙂

I am mostly drawn in by the curious case of the two Red Devils whose identities I’m dying to know. They are killing off people left and right, with no real rhyme or reason anymore, in my opinion. I have some theories but honestly it could be anything or anyone at this point which is what makes its so addicting. It’s like Pretty Little Liars on crack.

Here are my top 5 suspects  (based off of pure hunch and perception) of the Red Devil in no particular rank or reason.

  1. Boone
  2. Hester
  3. Grace’s Father
  4. Pete
  5. Dean Munsch

Excited to keep watching and hopefully get more hints!

❤ Emy.


So Thursday night was the official start of my popecation since I don’t have to work on Friday or Monday due to road closings and pope related chaos! yay! Now I’m not catholic but I always give major props to someone when they give me a four day weekend! And of course, besides basically shutting myself in my apartment all weekend and grading, I have taken it upon myself to go exploring!

What did I find, you ask? Well my local target of course!

And I have also started using my extra free time to create some yummy lunches, since on a typical basis my lunch consists of shoving something down my throat while reading emails for 25 mins…

And I’m looking forward to some Ghost Adventure marathon and a new Doctor Who to cap off this cool Saturday!

x emily.

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappachino! and some target swag for my classroom!

A tasty salad for lunch yesterday!

And Brunch this morning!