Lookbooking ahead: October

September is ending and October is approaching which means Autumn has officially arrived! And since I am super pumped for the cool, crisp weather and cozy fashions and comfort foods of the harvest season, I’d like to take a moment to feature what I’m looking forward to using/doing in the coming month!

x emily.

Yes to Cucumber Soothing facial wipes

Clear Nourishing Shampoo and Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash

Mini Accordian File

New swag to make my classroom more cozy

Lit Pumpkin Vanilla Candle!

Yay dollar section candles @ Target!

Fall fashion faves: gold bling, printed leggings, comfy tees

Autumn go to make-up look: Bronzer + Dark Red lipstick


Got this cool candle for my birthday 🙂 You let it burn for a while and then it reveals a fancy shmancy ring that could be worth 10 to 5,000 dollars #letsdothis #burnbabyburn

x emily

Backward Compatible

Author: Sarah Daltry & Pete Clark

Pub Date: January 7, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult

Themes: video games, dating, friendship

Fave Character: George

What I Think: Backward Compatible was sweet, sarcastic, and loaded with geeky references and just a touch of vulgarity to make it the perfect combination for a geek love story nerds of the world can appreciate. The blossoming romance begins at a midnight release gone wrong for George and his friend when there is an argument with gamer girl Katie of who gets the precious video game. The story progresses from the two perspectives of George and Katie as they overcome the virtual and real obstacles that ensue while trying to make their relationship work. On a random note: the characters were college age, and therefore more relatable to myself (I find that young adult novels with characters not in middle school or high school are hard to find). Disclaimer: you don’t have to be obsessed with all kinds of gaming to enjoy this book, I would define myself to be a few kinds of nerd but am in no way a “gamer girl” unless you count the Sims. 😉 But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed watching these characters grow, interact, fall in love and by the last page, I was not ready for the story to end; I just wanted to be in their world a little longer. 


+ George’s father and Chad’s character development

Seynar the unbearable and his blog posts 😦 and Lanyon’s permanent 3rd wheel status

Long Story Short: 7/10! Nerdy cute w/ a dash of snark kept me rooting for George and Katie! ❤

x emily.

Bright Before Sunrise

Author: Tiffany Schmidt

Pub Date: Feb 18 2014

Genre: Realistic/Contemporary Fiction,  Young Adult

Themes: high school, relationships, family, acceptance, closure

Fave Character: Brighton

What I Think: Bright Before Sunrise was an enjoyable read that I just couldn’t put down. Schmidt’s writing was clear and the alternating perspectives of Brighton and Jonah were creative and insightful. I loved the whirlwind adventures of Brighton and Jonah in one night gone wrong and the discoveries made about themselves and each other along the way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good quirky story of two opposites with some valuable lessons in first impressions.


+ Brighton’s growth from a “teflon” classmate, friend, daughter,  sister, and person to something more over the course of the night.

— Jonah’s snark borderlines rudeness when jumping to conclusions about Brighton and her life and it frustrates me so much I wanna smack him.

Long Story Short: 8/10! Go get it now! ♥ 

PS.  Happy Valentines Day! ♥ 
x emily.

Reluctant Fangirl

Reluctant Fangirl

So last night marked the first time I ever watched an episode of the Bachelor (or the Bachelorette for that matter) all the way through. And it wasn’t too terrible… but it was pretty terrible. Really though, it was so dramatic and about an hour and half too long. But I don’t wanna sound rude so I will try to say something nice about it. uhhh, the girls are pretty? Don’t get me wrong, Juan Pablo is a cutie but I just question how genuine he is in (like most people who agree to compete in a reality show to find love…) in finding a wife for his daughter instead of just a vacay and some hot action. I do hope he proves me wrong though. Now I know I wasn’t being forced to watch this against my will so I should explain why I put myself through this prime time torture.. my best friends convinced me to be a part of this bachelor draft which is apparently something people actually do and because I’m in it to win it, I agreed and put all I had into it. So without further ado, I present to you my 2014 picks for potential future wifeys of Juan Pablo: (in alphabetical order)
1. Amy L.
2. Chantel
3. Danielle
4. Kat
5. Victoria
((I was very disappointed when my top pick girls for no reason other than I thought they were cool- Lacy and Ashley – were eliminated right away though, oh well.)) [[Secondly, I really don’t think that any of these girls are super great for him but I guess we shall see]]
MAY THE ROSE BE EVER IN YOUR (my) FAVOR (cause imma win this draft!)
x emily.