Word of the day >> crestfallen

aka: gloomy, glum. 

I really wish some things in life would be easier.

It would rid me of a lot of the stress and frustration.


And the Polar Vortex strikes again!

And the Polar Vortex strikes again!

I don’t think that we have gone more than a day without some remnant of snow on the ground for the last few months and that’s not about to change any time soon according to the weather channel. With a 100% chance of snow, there is also a 100% chance I am already wishing for a snow day, one week into the new semester. I don’t think I have wanted a snow day so badly in like 4 years. This picture reminds me of how serene snow at sundown can be as the perfect example of a White Christmas but with the eight inches that is expected in the early morning, I’m hoping it comes in more like a wrecking ball this time.
x emily.