Vlog much?

Something that has taken up a lot of my time lately (other than my job obviously…) is watching vlogs on YouTube. I don’t know why I am so fascinated with the lives of vloggers across the globe, but once I watch video, I end up watching 2 hours worth… which is a lot for 10 min. videos…

And through all this, I have determined that I want to be a vlogger, probably like most young adults who are plugged in to YouTube and I wish it was as easy as saying “I want to do this so I’m going to do it”. But life doesn’t always work like that. And with the risk of seeming pessimistic, here are some reasons why it’s not going to happen:

A. I am awkward, un-photogenic, and my voice sounds like a baby when recorded. eww.

B. I already have a full time job as a teacher. Could you imagine if my students stumbled upon one of my videos… yikes.

C. I have a really low quality phone/camera so I would never be able to record it properly.

So I’ve come to the realization that many of these vloggers are successful in making a living off something that wasn’t even really a thing just 5 years ago and all the opportunities that have followed. It’s not really fair, is it? One minute they’re ordinary people, the next, they are ordinary people with more money than they know what to do with and millions of “followers” just for taking a camera with them everywhere they go.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be so bitter sounding… 😦 But if I am going to be truthful, I am jealous of these people (and not proud of it) for having the ability, skills, time, energy, dedication, resources, and such… who are able to live these fascinating lives. But I’ll try to keep my attitude in check and cool down with a short vlog clip…

x emily.


Lookbooking ahead: October

September is ending and October is approaching which means Autumn has officially arrived! And since I am super pumped for the cool, crisp weather and cozy fashions and comfort foods of the harvest season, I’d like to take a moment to feature what I’m looking forward to using/doing in the coming month!

x emily.

Yes to Cucumber Soothing facial wipes

Clear Nourishing Shampoo and Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash

Mini Accordian File

New swag to make my classroom more cozy

Lit Pumpkin Vanilla Candle!

Yay dollar section candles @ Target!

Fall fashion faves: gold bling, printed leggings, comfy tees

Autumn go to make-up look: Bronzer + Dark Red lipstick


So Thursday night was the official start of my popecation since I don’t have to work on Friday or Monday due to road closings and pope related chaos! yay! Now I’m not catholic but I always give major props to someone when they give me a four day weekend! And of course, besides basically shutting myself in my apartment all weekend and grading, I have taken it upon myself to go exploring!

What did I find, you ask? Well my local target of course!

And I have also started using my extra free time to create some yummy lunches, since on a typical basis my lunch consists of shoving something down my throat while reading emails for 25 mins…

And I’m looking forward to some Ghost Adventure marathon and a new Doctor Who to cap off this cool Saturday!

x emily.

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappachino! and some target swag for my classroom!

A tasty salad for lunch yesterday!

And Brunch this morning!

From Philly, With Love

I guess I forgot to mention that I finally found a job and have moved to Philadelphia… so yeah! Been in my apartment for almost a month now and I’m starting to settle in and call it home ❤

Some pics for proof 😉

My Lovely Bedroom

My chic living room

An angled view of my lil kitchen

Now I have to just start exploring outside my apartment!

x emily.

Warning: Personal Rant Ahead


Honestly- I have been raised in a family who respects Billy Graham and this is not about him or his values but I will never understand his son- who speaks out and takes issue with the most ridiculous things . Case in point, while I follow Billy Graham on twitter whose tweets consist mainly of scripture and strengthening your faith, I cringe whenever I see Franklin Graham’s name in the headlines bc its always attached to things that in my opinion are charged to incite drama and get attention (like really we should boycott TARGET?!! because they dont label “girly” legos?!? or the Muppets because of sex/ beastiality?!?! really? bc so many people are going to cite the muppets as their inspiration) REALLY.

I’m sorry I just feel like there are more important issues that Christians should be rallying for, focusing on following Jesus’ lead. It’s disappointing how popular he is and comments that always follow…



My First Owlcrate

My first ever Owlcrate came today!! I was so glad when I came off the waiting list and was asked if I’d still like to subscribe so needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to this package ever since that email last month. Owlcrate a monthly subscription box full of little things for book nerds and it also features a new book related to the month’s theme. September’s theme was Leading Ladies and my box included the YA book Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy and some swag related to Divergent, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter. What else can you ask for? ‪#‎worthit‬

The Big Reveal! ❤

I can’t wait to find out next month’s theme!

x emily