I just don’t think I’ll ever understand how the day dedicated to giving thanks for our blessings and spending time with our families has become the eve of an event that celebrates excessive consumerism and selfishness. I know you can get some “sweet deals” but seriously like what is wrong with us that we can not even go a full day being grateful for what we have and then do a 180 by being rude to each other, creating fights and riots in stores for stupid things. And what is wrong with the businesses who started all this craziness, sticking Black Friday right next to the one holiday that is dedicated to “GIVING THANKS”! I’d really like to have a talk with those presidents and CEO’s to discuss what they truly value.

I’m just so tired of being bombarded with black friday commercials for deals that keep starting earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving, when I would give anything to just be able to be home with my family.


Vlog much?

Something that has taken up a lot of my time lately (other than my job obviously…) is watching vlogs on YouTube. I don’t know why I am so fascinated with the lives of vloggers across the globe, but once I watch video, I end up watching 2 hours worth… which is a lot for 10 min. videos…

And through all this, I have determined that I want to be a vlogger, probably like most young adults who are plugged in to YouTube and I wish it was as easy as saying “I want to do this so I’m going to do it”. But life doesn’t always work like that. And with the risk of seeming pessimistic, here are some reasons why it’s not going to happen:

A. I am awkward, un-photogenic, and my voice sounds like a baby when recorded. eww.

B. I already have a full time job as a teacher. Could you imagine if my students stumbled upon one of my videos… yikes.

C. I have a really low quality phone/camera so I would never be able to record it properly.

So I’ve come to the realization that many of these vloggers are successful in making a living off something that wasn’t even really a thing just 5 years ago and all the opportunities that have followed. It’s not really fair, is it? One minute they’re ordinary people, the next, they are ordinary people with more money than they know what to do with and millions of “followers” just for taking a camera with them everywhere they go.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be so bitter sounding… 😦 But if I am going to be truthful, I am jealous of these people (and not proud of it) for having the ability, skills, time, energy, dedication, resources, and such… who are able to live these fascinating lives. But I’ll try to keep my attitude in check and cool down with a short vlog clip…

x emily.

Finale Fatale

So I’ve almost calmed down enough to face the fact that the How I Met Your Mother produced the most disappointing and frustrating finale I have ever been witness to. I don’t even know where to begin and I’m still so upset  that I know I won’t be able to articulate how all wrong it was. So instead I’ll let others rant for me and nod my head in agreement. And I’ll just briefly mention the beautiful moments to give credit where credit is due to the writers who made me happy cry a few times: The opening scenes where the gang say their initial goodbyes, the legendary high five, Ted FINALLY meeting Tracy, Lily noting that this girl is different, and all of the cute scenes/montages between Ted and Tracy, and Barney talking to his newborn daughter. But as the hour continued it also destroyed everything I had come to love from HIMYM, most specifically the character development over the course of nine seasons- in just one episode. So without further ado, here are some of the best articles I’ve read, explaining what a legendary cop-out this finale was and how I won’t be able to look at previous seasons the same way again because the finale makes them all meaningless.

How they conned us all.

I was wrong.

The Finale is an outrage

I would have understood if the mother died and Robin ended up being his other “happy ending” but the transition was just so sloppy and insensitive and don’t you dare tell me it was really Robin he truly was meant to be with this whole time. Everything that had to happen to get to this point was just devastating and unnecessary. How can anyone think that Robin was really the “one” after everything that was said and done in the past seasons? How is Robin really any different than Zoe, who he broke up a marriage for even though they had such different interests or Stella, who he almost walked down the aisle with or Victoria- who he also almost ran away with! I’m sorry but its all just ridiculous and the “Mother” deserved better from all this build-up than to be used as a cheap plot device to move along Ted’s weak and awkward relationship with Robin yearrrss later. And I just don’t understand how the writers could possibly think this was a satisfying ending at ALL!?  I didn’t dedicate NINE YEARS of Monday nights FOR THIS. The End.

March weather madness

In my best weather lady impression: It looks like we may remain in the 50’s this next week which is a great sign for SPRING FINALLY MAKING ITS WAY DOWNTOWN except for freaking Monday who didn’t get the memo with some snow showers expected. Like what? c’mon.

It is a beautiful Saturday and I wish could go full hipster and just sit around campus with an iced coffee but I can’t even really enjoy it because I’m stuck inside writing lesson plans. :/

Also, how did St. Patrick’s day (which is not until Monday, may I remind you) become a sad excuse to get white girl wasted all weekend… #werkit #kissmeImIrish #UpAllNight2GetLucky

But seriously, why are ya wearing various shades of green sequined sparkly tops and cut off shorts, it’s not THAT warm. put on a jacket for St. Patty’s sake.

x emily