Let’s take a moment to fangirl…

current favorites:

❤ HOTTIES: Zac Efron {bae}~Niall Horan~Andrew Garfield~Dylan O’Brien~Adam Scott~Arthur Darvill

❤ Girl Crushes/Celeb Inspiration: Emma Watson~Emma Stone~Mindy Kaling~Amy Poehler

❤ SHIPS/OTPs include: Rory/Amy, Katniss/Peeta, Cory/Topanga, Ten/Rose, Eleven/River, Finnchel {rip}, Barney/Robin (still not over it), Percybeth, Ben/Leslie, Belle/Rumple, Jess/Nick, Tony/Pepper, Finn/Rae, Hinny, Mindy/Dr.C, Tris/Four, really too many to count… 🙂

TOP FIVES (not of all time, just of like, the last month or so)


Harry Potter Series

Divergent Series

The Lunar Chronicles (Cinder)

The Life and Sorrows of Ava Lavender

#5 currently reading, pending

FOREVER FAVE: The Year of Secret Assignments


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Fuller House

The Mindy Project

New Girl

The Goldbergs



Inside Out


Daddy’s Home

FUTURE FAVE: Captain America: Civil War

Internet Faves:


Any of Jimmy Fallon’s “Truth or Truth”:D


Child Star Psychiatrist with Kiernan Shipka!

Jake and Amir: Taste Test

David Blaine Street Magic 2!

Boy Meets World Slam Poem performed by Samuel L. Jackson

South in the Winter > parody 🙂

literally too many to list …just check out my youtube page haha


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