Fashion is fleeting but style is timeless.

Style is personal; it is an expression of one’s self, it cannot be defined by a number on any scale, whether it be weighing, sizing, or rating. And to be defined by and reduced to a number is inhumane- Degrading and insulting to the personality and history that influences one’s style… and entire identity.


barely there

Its only mid September and i already feel like im on auto-pilot. I dont understand. Im doing everything im supposed to. i guess thats why nothing ever changes.

work. work. work. sleep. email. volunteer. homework. eat. sleep. write. work.

it never ends. and yet im just so done.

I dont even feel like capitalizing, it just feels like more effort. effort i dont want to exert. ugh exert is such an awful word.

typcially i dont publicize my “nightblogging” but i feel like there are others out there who understand this desperately random stream of consciousness.

who wont judge that sometimes you just gotta let it all pour out- even if thats through your blog with less then 20 followers. oh well.

maybe someone will see this and think thats exactly how i feel or felt or whatever. or maybe its just me working out my passive/apathetic tendencies.

i wanna feel. i want adventure. passion. a reason to leave my bed after all that work and class and homework and such,

my head is too heavy to keep upright. im probably just tired. maybe i just have a low grade fever.

not enough to make a difference though. stupid fever.

time to sleep again i guess.

x emily

The Fourteenth Goldfish

Author: Jennifer Holm

Pub Date: August 26, 2014

Genre: Contemporary (science) Fiction, Middle School level

Themes: family, friendship, science

Fave Character: Ellie’s Mom

What I Think: The overall feel of the story was quirky and fun. Once Ellie’s grandfather discovers the possibility of immortality in his lab, chaos and adventure ensues. I liked how this didn’t use the tired old formula for middle school books. Although Ellie’s life may be changing, the typical friendship and school drama is downplayed in favor of family and personal discoveries. Ellie observes as her Grandpa Melvin faces the challenges that come with his new-found youth and finds her own passion for science in the process. All while facing the ethical question: Should this secret of eternal youth even be revealed?


+ A happy ending with endless possibilities

The ongoing tension between Grandpa Melvin and Ellie’s mother

Long Story Short: 9/10! ❤

x emily.