I just don’t think I’ll ever understand how the day dedicated to giving thanks for our blessings and spending time with our families has become the eve of an event that celebrates excessive consumerism and selfishness. I know you can get some “sweet deals” but seriously like what is wrong with us that we can not even go a full day being grateful for what we have and then do a 180 by being rude to each other, creating fights and riots in stores for stupid things. And what is wrong with the businesses who started all this craziness, sticking Black Friday right next to the one holiday that is dedicated to “GIVING THANKS”! I’d really like to have a talk with those presidents and CEO’s to discuss what they truly value.

I’m just so tired of being bombarded with black friday commercials for deals that keep starting earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving, when I would give anything to just be able to be home with my family.