Autumn Drive

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Playlist Inspiration: Cool, crisp vocals & warm tones with a introspective focus perfect for a country drive back home.

Amber Waves ~ Erin McCarley

Something We Can All Leave Behind ~ The Sun and the Sea

These Times ~ SafetySuit

Ledges ~ Noah Gunderson

Here ~ Alessia Cara

Drag Me Down ~ One Direction

Crystals ~ Of Monsters and Men

*more to come…

❤ Emy.



So Thursday night was the official start of my popecation since I don’t have to work on Friday or Monday due to road closings and pope related chaos! yay! Now I’m not catholic but I always give major props to someone when they give me a four day weekend! And of course, besides basically shutting myself in my apartment all weekend and grading, I have taken it upon myself to go exploring!

What did I find, you ask? Well my local target of course!

And I have also started using my extra free time to create some yummy lunches, since on a typical basis my lunch consists of shoving something down my throat while reading emails for 25 mins…

And I’m looking forward to some Ghost Adventure marathon and a new Doctor Who to cap off this cool Saturday!

x emily.

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappachino! and some target swag for my classroom!

A tasty salad for lunch yesterday!

And Brunch this morning!