poetry from the past

pages turn
time passes
but this is no book
this is life

How quick 
How s l o w

makes no difference

it will come

joys and struggles
love and loss
dreams and failures
hope and pain
join hands

beautiful longing
destructive passion


for answers
for wholeness
for peace

the pages turn
the books is coming to a close
as it began

(and nothing more).

(Originally written 11/21/13- I know this one isn’t all that great but I remember being inspired after learning about e.e. cummings who still is now one of my favorite poets)


poetry from the past

Only whispers remain of the memories
that are slowly fading
cold is my heart and fleeting dreams
after years of waiting

Long are the days of discontent
expectations left unfulfilled do not relent
Nothing less and nothing more
what have I been waiting for?

Am I bound to exist
alone? and how can I resist
this lonely predestined existence
will I, can I, risk this chance?

Change is not an option
Fate will not step in
It seems it’s always been on me
but self esteem is rarely free

I don’t want the game or chase;
To be loved is to accept and embrace
Each “X” made on my calendar
Is one day more I’ve made thus far

(Originally written 11/17/13 for my creative writing college class)