Top 10 BEST Forgotten 90’s movies!

I was feeling nostalgic recently, so I started digging up some old animated nuggets from my childhood. Now, there are plenty of QUALITY movies to reminisce about, but oh no, I’m not talking about THOSE. No, this is not a post for the “Anastasia”s of the world.  You know what I’m talking about, the ones that you probably watched when your grandparents babysat you or perhaps sold in a yard sale years ago– but have vague memories of, you just can’t quite remember how you know them? Must’ve just been a dream, right? NOPE!

Here’s a list of my top 10 (not Disney) movies (mostly made in the 90’s) that I have fond memories of. I hope it brings back some good feels for you guys and don’t forget to comment if you have a favorite to add! *I’m starting at 8 though because I have 2 to talk about at the bottom… stay with me.

8. The Indian In the Cupboard (1995) – So even though for most movies that made this list, I tried to stick solely to animated features, I couldn’t NOT include this because I believe it’s gotta be a prequel to the “Night at the Museum” trilogy. OK so maybe not but, it definitely tugs at your heartstrings and gets you really rooting for the lil guys. (even if they aren’t a tiny Owen Wilson). I don’t remember the whole thing so I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing this one again, if I can find a full version of it.

7. BALTO (1995) – This movie has stuck with me to this day because of its message of courage and how dogs are the best, of course. BUT it’s one of the last on the list because it is SO. FLIPPING. SAD. I dare you not to tear up. 😥

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6. ONCE UPON A FOREST (1993) – this is one that I actually remember the least (truly-nothing), but after going down a YouTube spiral, I found a video that reminded me in that, “how do I know this??” kind of way. I’m still not 100% when or where I saw this movie- I just KNOW I did somehow.

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5. THE IRON GIANT (1999) – Right on the cusp of the 21st century and Warner Bro’s will be the one to destroy us all- with our emotions. Oh, the adventures of a boy and his giant robot alien…thing. I still smile remembering the dinner prayer scene where the boy is trying to get the giant to leave without his mom noticing. #comedygold –And it totally gives me “last day of school” vibes as I’ve had teachers  definitely use this more then once in elementary school to fill up the final hours before summer break… (anyone else?..)

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4. THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER (1987) – OK so in my research, I realized this actually was produced by Disney, but I doubt anyone would get that answer right if asked on Jeopardy so I’m going to count it anyway. PLUS, who can resist a lovable little talking toaster and his appliance friends!? It’s like early Toy Story inspo, if, you know, we played with electric stuff…  I was also weirdly concerned with the relationship of the main character and his girlfriend…(maybe my first known ship?) This is one of the few on this list that I ❤ to this day.

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3. FERN GULLY (1992) – Dude, this movie was the environmentally-conscious bomb. AND has a super cute love story between a fairy and shrinky dink’ed version of Zach from “Saved By The Bell” (but really they look exactly alike and are both named Zak/ch! coincidence, I think not!) AND featured a kooky Robin Williams character. ❤

As much as loved it, this one also had a slightly terrifying smoggy villain and I distinctly remember him having a creepy as hell song where he became like oil?!

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2. THE PAGEMASTER (1994) – OK SO as a self-labeled bookworm, I WAS OBSESSED WITH THIS MOVIE. I loved the idea of being able to journey into a book and I remember thinking the concept was so clever! And you can’t go wrong with young Macaulay Culkin. Although as a kid, I remember there were some scary parts. LOL. I’m a baby. But seriously. that cover art, though.

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  1. AMERICAN TAIL (1986) – COME ON. The pun itself makes this movie a solid 10/10. This one may have been made in the 80’s but this still stands as a classic 90’s kid favorite! It may not be as forgotten as the others but it had to be number one for “Somewhere Out There” alone. YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT.

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*Honorable Mentions*– because they are my favorite early DreamWorks gems (which I had to bring up even though they don’t really count as “forgotten” due to high production value, amazing soundtracks, well known casts, and overall timelessness, ya know?)

Prince of Egypt (1998)                     &                  The Road to El Dorado (2000)

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