Author: various YA authors

Pub Date: February 25, 2014

Genre: short stories, fantasy, sci-fi

Themes: fairy tales, supernatural, magic, true love, good v. evil

Fave Character: there are too many to remember!

What I Think: Grim was an interesting read. It in no way was a “quick read” as there were more than atleast 15 short stories contained within this collection inspired by classic fairy tales. The twists came in many fashions from modern takes to futuristic settings to dark perspectives, Grim had me hooked throughout each small tale. Odds are, you’ll find at least one story that lingers in your minds and opens your imagination to new possibilities.


+ My favorite short stories tended to be the fairy tales set in the future! 🙂

— Some of the stories were a bit too wordy and lengthy to keep my interest

Long Story Short: 7/10! I loved when I recognized the classic fairy tale behind the twist  

x emily.

I sometimes do …

I sometimes do believe and sometimes do not,
As those that fear they hope, and know they fear.

It is speculated that today could be William Shakespeare’s Birthday so, in honor of his work, I’ve posted one of my favorite lines from his play “As You Like It”. Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

x emily.

It’s Friday!!

It's Friday!!

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! ((Sorry)) i’ll stop. haha I’m just so excited because after this weekend, I only have one hell of a half week left until Break!!!! (for EASTER of course) 🙂 I’m just so excited to go home and see my family and prepare for the final weeks of school. 28 days left of JUNIOR YEAR BABY! haha oh boy, *cue anxiety*
But mostly I’m just excited because as soon as this craziness is over, I will be able to enjoy the rest of my MAY, my favoritest month, in peace and then back to SUMMAH CAMP! I love and miss them ❤
x emily


So I’m in the middle of doing this 100 days of happy thing I’ve been seeing all around facebook and such. Well I’m only fourteen days in and I have already forgotten to post my happy “thing” at least three times. I feel like that’s not something to be proud of… I mean it’s not like I can’t come up with anything happy about my day but it’s just so hard not only to remember the happy things after such a long day but then to remember to actually post it online is a whole other issue. But I really want to do it, so I can say I actually followed through with something for a hundred days. And hey, maybe after a hundred days of looking for the happy in my days, it will stick.

x emily.

Finale Fatale

So I’ve almost calmed down enough to face the fact that the How I Met Your Mother produced the most disappointing and frustrating finale I have ever been witness to. I don’t even know where to begin and I’m still so upset  that I know I won’t be able to articulate how all wrong it was. So instead I’ll let others rant for me and nod my head in agreement. And I’ll just briefly mention the beautiful moments to give credit where credit is due to the writers who made me happy cry a few times: The opening scenes where the gang say their initial goodbyes, the legendary high five, Ted FINALLY meeting Tracy, Lily noting that this girl is different, and all of the cute scenes/montages between Ted and Tracy, and Barney talking to his newborn daughter. But as the hour continued it also destroyed everything I had come to love from HIMYM, most specifically the character development over the course of nine seasons- in just one episode. So without further ado, here are some of the best articles I’ve read, explaining what a legendary cop-out this finale was and how I won’t be able to look at previous seasons the same way again because the finale makes them all meaningless.

How they conned us all.

I was wrong.

The Finale is an outrage

I would have understood if the mother died and Robin ended up being his other “happy ending” but the transition was just so sloppy and insensitive and don’t you dare tell me it was really Robin he truly was meant to be with this whole time. Everything that had to happen to get to this point was just devastating and unnecessary. How can anyone think that Robin was really the “one” after everything that was said and done in the past seasons? How is Robin really any different than Zoe, who he broke up a marriage for even though they had such different interests or Stella, who he almost walked down the aisle with or Victoria- who he also almost ran away with! I’m sorry but its all just ridiculous and the “Mother” deserved better from all this build-up than to be used as a cheap plot device to move along Ted’s weak and awkward relationship with Robin yearrrss later. And I just don’t understand how the writers could possibly think this was a satisfying ending at ALL!?  I didn’t dedicate NINE YEARS of Monday nights FOR THIS. The End.