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My name is Emily and I am a gummy bear enthusiast. there i said it.  :]

You can find me reading, writing, eating froyo, listening to music, mindlessly quoting movies or tv shows with my friends or wrapped up in a blanket nest. I recently graduated from a private college in the quaint little middle of nowhere, PA and now I live in Philadelphia teaching middle schools -which is fun work and just one of the things I’m super passionate about. 🙂 My life revolves around my faith, surviving navigating my twenties, everything Disney (especially Peter Pan), lots of TV, BOOKS, a variety of movies, some music, unsuccessful attempts in being funny and cute, and more books. My favorite places/ second homes are the summer camp where I work, OCNJ, Disney World, book stores/library and the Target dollar aisle.

I also love spaghetti, slushies, and sloths!

coke v. pepsi        dogs v. cats     wawa v. sheetz      disney v. dreamworks      BSB v. NSYNC        

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