Hunter Hayes debuts his single “Invisible” @ the Grammy’s

“There is so much more than what your feeling now”

Everybody needs to hear this song. Hear it and remember it.


I want adventure in the great wide somewhere…

My mom just got back from New Orleans for “work” and is now leaving for Dublin today for a “business trip” yet again. I air quote these because she really is going to be in these amazing places, stuck in a hotel conference room for most of the day but at night I have seen status updates from the coolest places and I just wish I could be there too! I know she wishes that she could be there for just the fun part and enjoy it with my dad or the rest of us but its just the way its gotta be.

I worry that I will never be able to travel and experience things abroad the way she does because being a future teacher doesn’t require or even allow much time to leave the local area. It scares me that I might never get to see the world the way I want to because even though I love the idea of being a teacher it isn’t the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life and it shouldn’t have to be. I want to go on road trips in a tear drop RV and book a room in every resort in Disney World and see all of Europe (Ok, maybe that’s a bit ambitious). But I at least want to have the opportunity and time to be able to do the things I dream about and pin onto my pinterest boards!

And not just before I “settle down” or in the “golden years” of retirement. I don’t want to have to remember the good old days or look forward them in the monotony of my present life, I want memories and adventure to be all around me. I am okay with a traditional lifestyle. I am okay with having a small house and an even smaller salary. I am excited to meet someone (maybe someone with a larger salary ๐Ÿ˜‰ to build an ordinary family with in suburbia, USA. But I still want so much more for myself. I want to see awesome things and do awesome things all throughout my life. I want to give and receive and love and be loved and learn and teach and meet cool people and make a difference. I want to live my ordinary life as awesomely as I can.

x emily.

And the Polar Vortex strikes again!

And the Polar Vortex strikes again!

I don’t think that we have gone more than a day without some remnant of snow on the ground for the last few months and that’s not about to change any time soon according to the weather channel. With a 100% chance of snow, there is also a 100% chance I am already wishing for a snow day, one week into the new semester. I don’t think I have wanted a snow day so badly in like 4 years. This picture reminds me of how serene snow at sundown can be as the perfect example of a White Christmas but with the eight inches that is expected in the early morning, I’m hoping it comes in more like a wrecking ball this time.
x emily.

Just another first day of school

I’m getting reaallll tired of this back-to-school stuff.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the new semester:


  • getting new school supplies!
  • Spring = better weather is on it’s waaaay!
  • reuniting w/ friends I haven’t seen in a month!


  • ASSIGNED READINGS (yeah, right)
  • break is over. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I can’t really complain yet because it’s only just the beginning of syllabus week but my schedule is going to be totally wack and i have so many assignments and its Methods Block which means I get to hear how hard this semester is going to be from every professor (yaaaaaaay.)

On the bright side, I will be in placement (in the classroom) for a full day each week so fingers crossed that my cooperating teacher is a good fit. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just want to get through this semester alive. #116days

x emily.

My So-Called Life

pathetic but perfect.ย 

It’s a typical wednesday night, worthy of a new brand of home alone movies, me in a blanket nest on the couch, watching a movie I’ve been meaning to see forever but end up redbox-ing, (I still can’t believe that’s a verb now hahah) and eating homemade ( and by homemade, I do not mean rolling the dough and whatever, i mean un-boxed and boiled all by myself cause girl don’t got time for all that!) spaghetti with the Parmesan cheese close enough to re-cheese (also a verb according to me) my dish when i need to and a can of coca cola so chilled it’d make the cartoon polar bears jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย this is my life and life is good.

x ย emily.

Reluctant Fangirl

Reluctant Fangirl

So last night marked the first time I ever watched an episode of the Bachelor (or the Bachelorette for that matter) all the way through. And it wasn’t too terrible… but it was pretty terrible. Really though, it was so dramatic and about an hour and half too long. But I don’t wanna sound rude so I will try to say something nice about it. uhhh, the girls are pretty? Don’t get me wrong, Juan Pablo is a cutie but I just question how genuine he is in (like most people who agree to compete in a reality show to find love…) in finding a wife for his daughter instead of just a vacay and some hot action. I do hope he proves me wrong though. Now I know I wasn’t being forced to watch this against my will so I should explain why I put myself through this prime time torture.. my best friends convinced me to be a part of this bachelor draft which is apparently something people actually do and because I’m in it to win it, I agreed and put all I had into it. So without further ado, I present to you my 2014 picks for potential future wifeys of Juan Pablo: (in alphabetical order)
1. Amy L.
2. Chantel
3. Danielle
4. Kat
5. Victoria
((I was very disappointed when my top pick girls for no reason other than I thought they were cool- Lacy and Ashley – were eliminated right away though, oh well.)) [[Secondly, I really don’t think that any of these girls are super great for him but I guess we shall see]]
MAY THE ROSE BE EVER IN YOUR (my) FAVOR (cause imma win this draft!)
x emily.

Every hand let me go that I tried to hold…

Every warm-hearted love left me freezing cold

Big surprise, I’m a ghost keeping out of sight

Rub your eyes, you’re a star in a summer night

This is love, this is war, it’s insanity

I feel like in every instance that I fall fast and hard, I just end up getting hurt. This song “Dementia” by Owl City speaks to me because my take away is that I keep forgetting how I always get looked past/ ignored by the ones I’m pining for and how it drives me crazy. I let myself get caught up in another unrequited crush which is no surprise at this point because it happens over and over again. I apparently never learn from my mistakes but I don’t wanna lose hope. What I like, is that when I listen to this catchy song, Owl City is reminding me like “Girl! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re a star in the summer night”- which is a compliment in my opinion, like a bright point of awesomeness worth gazing upon (too much?). ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oddly enough even though I love this song, I’m feeling like the ghost keeping outta sight right now because of my lack of crushing lately. It’s weird not to be obsessin’ over someone for once. hmmm.., well either way there’s definitely insanity involved.

x emily.