If it’s hard to believe…

If it’s hard to believe in the good of the world, then believe in the good within yourself. If anything, just believe.20150918_184910



Fashion is fleeting but style is timeless.

Style is personal; it is an expression of one’s self, it cannot be defined by a number on any scale, whether it be weighing, sizing, or rating. And to be defined by and reduced to a number is inhumane- Degrading and insulting to the personality and history that influences one’s style… and entire identity.

I sometimes do …

I sometimes do believe and sometimes do not,
As those that fear they hope, and know they fear.

It is speculated that today could be William Shakespeare’s Birthday so, in honor of his work, I’ve posted one of my favorite lines from his play “As You Like It”. Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

x emily.

We break when we fall too hard/ Lose faith when we’re torn apart/ Don’t say you’re too far gone/ It’s a shame.

Never Gone: Colton Dixon

Do you ever have that nagging feel like there’s something you should be doing but instead you just continue to sit at your desk or whatever and stare into space, wondering where to go from here? There are a hundred and one things I could be working on for the sake of future me but I just don’t have the energy. I’m so tired of pulling myself out of the waves of depression and doubt. I don’t know if this is technically rock bottom but here’s hoping that February only gets better from here. 

To quote the rest of the song, I need to remember:

I’m still standing here/ No I didn’t disappear/ Now the lights are on/ See I was never gone/ I let go of your hand/ To help you understand/ With you all along/ Oh, I was never gone

I never ever left you/ Never ever left you, no./ He said I never ever left you/ Never ever left you, no./ Jesus never ever left you/ Never ever left you, no.    He sees us, even in the darkness/ Now you know you’re not alone.