Every hand let me go that I tried to hold…

Every warm-hearted love left me freezing cold

Big surprise, I’m a ghost keeping out of sight

Rub your eyes, you’re a star in a summer night

This is love, this is war, it’s insanity

I feel like in every instance that I fall fast and hard, I just end up getting hurt. This song “Dementia” by Owl City speaks to me because my take away is that I keep forgetting how I always get looked past/ ignored by the ones I’m pining for and how it drives me crazy. I let myself get caught up in another unrequited crush which is no surprise at this point because it happens over and over again. I apparently never learn from my mistakes but I don’t wanna lose hope. What I like, is that when I listen to this catchy song, Owl City is reminding me like “Girl! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re a star in the summer night”- which is a compliment in my opinion, like a bright point of awesomeness worth gazing upon (too much?). 😉 Oddly enough even though I love this song, I’m feeling like the ghost keeping outta sight right now because of my lack of crushing lately. It’s weird not to be obsessin’ over someone for once. hmmm.., well either way there’s definitely insanity involved.

x emily.