Make-up Makeover!

Lately I have been uninspired by my make-up look and I set off to find some products that could make me feel revitalized for the spring/summer.

I really wanted to find a shade that worked for my face because I truly think that its one of the hardest things for women.#firstworldproblems…

SO i went a little overboard with foundations in order to find the right shade and consistency and wanted to give myself options… also I’m indecisive so I would have regretted only getting one of them if it didn’t work out.


Primer: Hard Candy Lift and Firm

This was more because I was running out of my current primer and thought I’d like to try something new 🙂


  • Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous fresh complexion
  • Maybelline dream liquid mousse airbrush finish
  • Revlon Photoready fresh effect

I was trying to find something that had the same dewey effect as my past foundations with medium coverage but I was a little disappointed that the first two had a much lighter coverage than I expected and also set a little darker than they looked (better for summer tan me). The last one seems like it will dry the right shade but is a lot more runny than I thought it would be and so probably won’t have the coverage I’m looking for. I know that’s what concealer is for but I find that it only makes my break outs more frequent and severe. So I try to make up for my lack of concealer with a strong yet not cakey foundation. So far these products are worth their price and will give me more options but not exactly what I was hoping for so the search continues…


I’m really excited to use these more often to brighten my face and give it some depth because I’m kinda getting tired of my go to bronze and blush is not my best look #clown

  • Maybelline master hi-light
  • L’oreal True Match lumi


Comment below if you have some recommendations that work for you!

x emily.

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