Quirky show Superlatives

I wanted to do a post dedicated to some of my favorite TV shows, known for their unique or acquired taste humor/drama but I couldn’t decide the best way to present it. So without further ado, here is a yearbook style look at some current faves and ones gone too soon.

Most Likely to take me on an Emotional Roller coaster

The Mindy Project

I picked this photo because I miss some of the people who were in the first season and got no decent exit… 😦

I love everything about Mindy Kaling so this one was a no-brainer for me. Many a night, I have sat inches from the TV, freaking out or laughing hysterically or both in the same episode. Technically, this show is still airing but I included it because FOX was stupid enough to cancel it after 3 seasons out of nowhere. Thanks to Hulu, we can still enjoy Mindy’s and coworkers shenanigans and her relationship with Danny but only if we pay 7.99/month. #worthit

Favorite Guilty Pleasure/Most Frustrating Ending

Selfie- a modern adaption of My Fair Lady in some ways, a bit awkward acting sometimes but it grew on me, off-beat humor

Super Fun Night- an amazingly hilarious cast led by Rebel Wilson

I had a hard time picking the best “award” because these two shows tied based on their similarities. Both only lasted one season bc obviously both were not the most “quality” shows, but both at times had really clever writing and humor. I still miss these shows occasionally and wish there would have been a bit more closure on their romantic fronts.


Most Likely to be the next FRIENDS

Happy Endings

Literally if you’ve seen this show you know it’s basically from L to R: Joey, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Rachel (Except in this case, Rachel and Monica are the siblings)

You know how there are so many shows out there that have tried so hard to be the “next”Friends? Well in my opinion, this one has come the closest. It may not have achieved the same level of success but it still made me smile in the amount of time it graced the small screens. I love when everyone in a show has their own unique personality and has their own little histories and story-lines that all interweave.



Great cast, interesting plots, all together an A in my book

I chose this “award” because this show has lasted the longest out of all my faves, despite the fact that it is probably the oddest. It had it’s ups and downs through its seasons but I was glad to go along for the ride. #6seasonsandamovie…. Just waiting for that movie now… 😉

MVP: Pushing Daisies

Aside from my love of Lee Pace in this show, Pushing Daisies is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. At first, I would not have guessed I would enjoy it but I ended up hooked from the first episode. It’s got everything: humor, romance, drama, suspense, mystery, and even some singing. Seriously, if you have not seen this show, find it now and give it a chance. Everything is so artfully and cleverly crafted. I only wish it wrapped up a little neater but I believe the series ended unexpectedly.

Bonus: Most Likely to be cancelled mid-season


It’s not like I want it to be cancelled but I find that the shows I enjoy always end up being cancelled and I believe this is one of those shows that will not last much longer. I mean 3 episodes were aired in one night and then the “premiere” date got moved to January. #badnewsbears But I have hope because it is actually really funny and insightful in it’s own way, you just got to give it a chance.

Also, an interesting side note, as I was writing this post, I realized that almost every show was an ensemble comedy. hmmm…

❤ emily.

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