Low-key Horror

I am the kind of person who really can’t handle anything scary. I have never really seen a scary movie or been to any haunted experience (house,maze,hayride) You name it, I probably have not partaken. But I do enjoy the thrill of being a little scared and until recently, I lived those experiences through the idiots on Ghost Adventures. It was just creepy enough to get hyped up but not legit enough to be too scared to sleep. I am really affected by thrillers and gore (not in a good way) so I don’t typically go for much of that genre. Now that I have moved out and lost Travel Channel in the switch of channel packages (RIP) I have no way to enjoy my Ghost Adventures. So I’m exploring more options. I’ve tried to get through an entire episode of American Horror Story but even though it has interesting arcs and characters, its just too much gore and dark material.

I was hesitant to give Scream Queens (FOX) a try because of my distaste for Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande and their lack of acting abilities but I gave in when I had a craving for this low-key horror I mentioned above. But I’ll be honest, I binged the first 6 episodes this weekend and I am hooked. It is pretty good dialogue and does balance on the edge of satire and sometimes stupidity but it’s trying its best. lol 🙂

I am mostly drawn in by the curious case of the two Red Devils whose identities I’m dying to know. They are killing off people left and right, with no real rhyme or reason anymore, in my opinion. I have some theories but honestly it could be anything or anyone at this point which is what makes its so addicting. It’s like Pretty Little Liars on crack.

Here are my top 5 suspects  (based off of pure hunch and perception) of the Red Devil in no particular rank or reason.

  1. Boone
  2. Hester
  3. Grace’s Father
  4. Pete
  5. Dean Munsch

Excited to keep watching and hopefully get more hints!

❤ Emy.

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