Warning: Personal Rant Ahead


Honestly- I have been raised in a family who respects Billy Graham and this is not about him or his values but I will never understand his son- who speaks out and takes issue with the most ridiculous things . Case in point, while I follow Billy Graham on twitter whose tweets consist mainly of scripture and strengthening your faith, I cringe whenever I see Franklin Graham’s name in the headlines bc its always attached to things that in my opinion are charged to incite drama and get attention (like really we should boycott TARGET?!! because they dont label “girly” legos?!? or the Muppets because of sex/ beastiality?!?! really? bc so many people are going to cite the muppets as their inspiration) REALLY.

I’m sorry I just feel like there are more important issues that Christians should be rallying for, focusing on following Jesus’ lead. It’s disappointing how popular he is and comments that always follow…



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