The Here and Now

Author: Ann Brashares

Pub Date: April 8, 2014

Genre: Contemporary and Science Fiction crossover

Themes: love, time travel, community

Fave Character: Prenna

What I Think: This contemporary science fiction crossover was as fascinating as it was intriguing! I was captivated from the beginning and was constantly being pulled along in the adventure! I loved the combination of rebellion, love, and time travel that seemed to be a step above the latest dystopian novels. The characters were realistic in that they made mistakes and stood up for themselves while also considering the heavy role that love and fear plays in making decisions for the good of themselves versus the future of humankind.


+ The dystopian feel among our modern times

Even though it ended on a good note, there was still so much left unsaid and I need Closure!!

Long Story Short: 8.5/10

x emily.

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