Fall Radar

Fall premieres have begun and of course I’m all wrapped up in deciding which new shows I will invest in. Of course, I’m still plugging my present faves like New Girl, Mindy Project, Agents of Shield, and soon Parks and Rec and Community again, but I cant get enough of these on point pilots. Thus begins a compilation of all the new shows that have caught my interest.

  • A to Z
  • Bad Judge
  • Selfie
  • Red Band Society
  • Mulaney

And we can’t forget the mid-season shows that haven’t aired yet like Agent Carter, Marry Me, and Benched!

Good Luck to all the shows out there and may the ratings be ever in your favor! x

BONUS: With new shows come reflection on the old shows, and more specifically their finales!


Of course, I haven’t seen every TV show ever so I can’t say this is a complete list but from my experience- these shows had the most memorable ends- for better or worse.


  • The Office
  • Friends
  • Boy Meets World


  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Happy Endings
  • I cant’ think of any more but i know there is

Ok so I haven’t seen that many finales but the point still stands.

x emily


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