barely there

Its only mid September and i already feel like im on auto-pilot. I dont understand. Im doing everything im supposed to. i guess thats why nothing ever changes.

work. work. work. sleep. email. volunteer. homework. eat. sleep. write. work.

it never ends. and yet im just so done.

I dont even feel like capitalizing, it just feels like more effort. effort i dont want to exert. ugh exert is such an awful word.

typcially i dont publicize my “nightblogging” but i feel like there are others out there who understand this desperately random stream of consciousness.

who wont judge that sometimes you just gotta let it all pour out- even if thats through your blog with less then 20 followers. oh well.

maybe someone will see this and think thats exactly how i feel or felt or whatever. or maybe its just me working out my passive/apathetic tendencies.

i wanna feel. i want adventure. passion. a reason to leave my bed after all that work and class and homework and such,

my head is too heavy to keep upright. im probably just tired. maybe i just have a low grade fever.

not enough to make a difference though. stupid fever.

time to sleep again i guess.

x emily

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