Tween Hobo

Author: Alena Smith

Pub Date: June 17 2014 (MY BIRTHDAY!)

Genre: Contemporary Children’s Fiction

Themes: school, family, pop culture, runaway, self reliance

Fave Character: Tween hobo’s dad (he seems to be the only one that insists she needs to come home.)

What I Think: Tween Hobo: Off the Rails is hands down hilarious and clever. Smith’s weaves technology like twitter and Hollywood pop culture really well into classic story telling and the situations tween hobo gets herself into never cease to amaze me. Tween hobo is naive but endearing and I couldn’t help but root for her in her law breaking, train hopping adventures. That being said, I couldn’t help but notice this little girl has an oddly wider vocabulary than someone of her age would acquire at the fifth grade level.  Some of the cultural references are also unfortunately already outdated or irrelevant as they would go above the head of the key tween demographic. Overall, the idea of a tween hobo was not entirely believable, but just enough to be entirely enjoyable.


+ Clever references to classics and celebrities alike!

Why would a teacher ever even suggest train hopping to a child/student?!?

Long Story Short: 7/10! Get it now for your bratty cousin before it becomes old news! 😉

x emily.

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