Bright Before Sunrise

Author: Tiffany Schmidt

Pub Date: Feb 18 2014

Genre: Realistic/Contemporary Fiction,  Young Adult

Themes: high school, relationships, family, acceptance, closure

Fave Character: Brighton

What I Think: Bright Before Sunrise was an enjoyable read that I just couldn’t put down. Schmidt’s writing was clear and the alternating perspectives of Brighton and Jonah were creative and insightful. I loved the whirlwind adventures of Brighton and Jonah in one night gone wrong and the discoveries made about themselves and each other along the way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good quirky story of two opposites with some valuable lessons in first impressions.


+ Brighton’s growth from a “teflon” classmate, friend, daughter,  sister, and person to something more over the course of the night.

— Jonah’s snark borderlines rudeness when jumping to conclusions about Brighton and her life and it frustrates me so much I wanna smack him.

Long Story Short: 8/10! Go get it now! ♥ 

PS.  Happy Valentines Day! ♥ 
x emily.

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